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  1. VictorOps Ruby Client Gem

    A Gem to provide a common interface and naming pattern for custom VictorOps integrations.

  2. A Better Slack Bot + Capistrano

    How to get readable, informative Slack notifications from Capistrano

  3. Gearman + Capistrano = Awesome

    Managing Gearman servers with capistrano.

  4. Managing init.d services with Capistrano

    Time to get a little meta.

  5. Cleaner HipChat notifications with Capistrano

    Use more of the API features that are available.

  6. emacs-ify your Sublime Text

    Why? Because I have 10 fingers.

  7. Introducing PiSpace

  8. emacs find ; and replace with blank line

    ... or you could use

  9. Initial Comments

    Here is a quick background of what I do – I work in an environment where I am resource restricted, yet I work on big-...

  10. Introduce Yourself

  11. Inertia