About Me


Drawing Number One

My name is Derek Smith. I geek out over numbers, data, code, games, sports & physics.

Early on I found I had a fascination with analyzing, describing and modeling systems. I thank my parents for supplying me with an endless supply of Legos growing up which fostered this fascination into something tangible. I tend to view complex systems (code, nuclear reactors, PDEs) as well designed Lego sets, each individual piece serving a critical role that when combined with the other pieces forms a detailed model. Because of this I have a knack for focusing in on one small piece of a system while still considering the effect of that component on the system as a whole. This is why I find Physics, Math and Code so enjoyable.

Since graduating with a B.S. in Physics & Minor in Mathematics at The California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, a.k.a. CalPoly SLO, in 2008 I have spent my time employed as a Software Engineer working on large real-time data processing systems. I specialize in performance analysis, especially at the hardware/software interface. The nature of real-time data processing across multiple SI’s and physical machines makes understanding, characterizing, tuning and optimizing IPC and internal software latencies essential. I have developed many analysis tools to assist me in modeling these aspects and wish to bring the lessons I have learned to others.

The goal of this blog is to discuss the findings, lessons and curiosities I have run into through my technical work. I have experience in Perl, Python, PHP, Unix, Linux and many other things. If you are interested in my CV please contact me at derek(at)clokwork.net or on LinkedIn. You can follow me on GitHub (@clok) and on Twitter (@cloksmith)!

I hope you enjoy!

Cheers –